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We are now an official Zendesk partner

At ITnova, we understand the importance of interacting with key stakeholders, such as our customers. That is why we have partnered with Zendesk. We want to provide our customers with a platform that enable the creation and sustainment of meaningful relationships.
With this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, we provide our customers with the ability to manage interactions with their customers or key stakeholders. This includes getting a complete view of the stakeholders, having better and informed decisions, optimizing time and making work more efficient, eliminating errors and improving employee productivity, and securing and protecting their data.
Zendesk adds value to the development of the knowledge base for creating the responses, and to the integration with other products such as Salesforce. Nowadays, a CRM can be critical for an organization’s success; in the sense that after COVID-19 happened we all want to spotlight our customer experience, we are now living in a more conversational (online) world, we require the quick adaptation to changes, and the world is now moving towards digital environments in a more aggressive manner. ITnova is perfect to drive you and guide you through this shift and have success!


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