ITnova Consulting

System Modernization

Integrate cutting-edge technologies and improve legacy systems while keeping costs down. Our systems modernization services include:

DevSecOps & Agile Development

Combination of software development and IT operations that focuses on delivering workable products using Agile methodologies. Our DevSecOps approach brings agility, automation, and collaboration to deliver effective solutions for our customers’ growth and success. We work with our customers to deliver well-crafted solutions that can be deployed quickly and deliver results.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Utilize best practices to reinvent core government or business processes to achieve their strategic goals. Our team analyzes workflows using stream value mapping and designs future states for a series of processes or events. We evaluate and measure metrics and key performance indicators.

Disaster Recovery

Design Disaster Recovery processes and procedures. Implement key principles such as protection of data and other confidential information, prioritization of restoration services, emergency services and voice services, compliance with all regulatory requirements, minimization of organizational response times and chain of command establishment, and assurance of internal communication. Focus on risk mitigation and responding accordingly to any problems that occur.


Provide consultation, compliance, and documentation remediation. ITnova has qualified and certified Professionals in Accessibility Core Competencies from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.