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Maryland State Department of Education’s Section 508 Compliance Support contracts related to 508 compliance and remediation.

- Evaluate the courses using the rubric provided by the MSDE.

· Participate in the virtual training session, reviewed the assigned courses and completed the electronic rubric and a detailed report within the specified timeline for each review, and constantly and effectively communicated with the Procurement Officer.

- Ensure the MSDE related digital resources were accessible to individuals with disabilities.

- Advise on Section 508 requirements and testing scope, and performed the Section 508 testing via automated tests, code reviews, wireframe/comp reviews, and assistive technologies.

- Stay current on the Section 508 refresh revisions.

- Provide guidance on impact of pending changes by the Access Board and anticipated standardized application of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.


Maryland State Department of Education Maryland Higher Commission Education’s Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Configuration Expansion

Developed an architecture for data managed by MHEC, migrated legacy data and reports to a new environment, built capacity for utilizing MHEC’s data, enhanced data quality and transmittal processes for the benefit of the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS), and implemented strategies to support continuous improvement for MHEC. ITnova replicated COBOL reports in SQL Server reports, created advanced reports, and built dashboards to support postsecondary policy decisions. The result included an increased utilization and improved outcomes for students and MHEC’s workforce. It also improved the support research, evaluation, and use of data for educational outcomes.


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