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Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (c-uas)

ITnova utilizes best practices to Our system uses the multi-mission Hemisphere Radar (MHR) developed by RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. and integrates passive and active RF antennas and software detect and counter a broad spectrum of drones. Our C-UAS has multiple detection techniques. The C-UAS integrates 3D radar and passive and active RF antennas and offers the most effective strategy to increase the likelihood of detecting and countering (if required) any given UAS threat. The RF antenna analyzes the radio signatures and modulations specific to UASs signals and the system can identify UASs models and manufacturers, as well as locating the signal’s transmission origin. The 3D radar provides direction, distance, and target’s altitude, which enables the system to detect any size of UASs or other small and slow-moving objects. Using advanced signal processing techniques, the radar differentiates between UASs and other non-potential treats, and most importantly, can detect UASs with communications/data links above 5.8GHz ranges. UASs comm/data links above 5.8GHz ranges are becoming increasingly popular; therefore, having a radar capable of detecting all types of UASs or drones, independent of comm/data links with Ground Control Stations (GCS) is an essential competitive advantage over other systems that only use RF technology.


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